The twilight escaped the dawn
Running faster than the light had hoped
Lines drawn now retract
With no footsteps to trace
Or memory of ever taking them to begin with
Sounds reverberate down empty halls
Filled on their own loneliness
Listen closely to the sorrow as it slumbers
Begging to be awoken
Begging to be kept closely and next to every heart
And waiting to be dulled into a trance of endless sleep
Where dreams flow
Like rivers through the palms of immortals
Translucent frames both manipulative and untrue
Pass through the ether of reality
Floating on waves of frequencies unkempt
By time and time alone
Questions rise and come to pass
With no hope of receiving answers
With no hope
Future's bright with the light of certainty
But only for those who wish to see it
And if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes

Conquering the violence of your feelings


from progres​\​\​digres, released January 1, 2013
Written by Anthony Padavano, Gabriel Ruiz, & Robert Bonavoglia





composer of words // sounds // images

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