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fau pa 04:06
between tongues is where I stalled stuck in the midst of a kiss never given trapped in a lie already forgiven but it was the dawn that suffered and not the night the dawn not the night “you are fading I”m trapped behind you’re almost gone” broken down before shattered glass forced back together and back together and back together until we no longer fit and never really did nothing to remind defaced facade no traces left one final step “you are fading I’m trapped behind you’re almost gone” at the end it was holes that I dug and holes that I dug so very well business or pleasure it’s not the depth but what you’ve fallen into fall into when did we fall in two? it’s never the depth but when you’ve fallen in two
yungl 05:14
etcetera 05:18
detriment never meant no place I’d rather be better then but then again who would you rather be son of lies son of flies son of some other me detriment fled again sword in the stone for me you will learn when it’s too late it’s always been too late fade to black fade back in et cetera et cetera there is no exit no escape et cetera et cetera paradise lost its soul ran away from me control controlled by nothing more than empathy and I want to remind you of our view from apathy caught up now thought you’d escape you will never escape fade to black fade back in et cetera et cetera there is no exit no escape et cetera et cetera fade to black fade back in et cetera et cetera paths diverged never met never been et cetera detriment never meant no place I’d rather be better then but then again where would you rather be stuck in a hole bit of my life touch of this knife pinch of what you stole from me stand in the shadow of your inability
flite 01:28
reflekshuns 05:04
reflections echoed in the past slip through the strongholds all too fast emotions kept far far and few but once the damn bursts it’s hard to undo thoughts worn thin or completely abandoned time to find another stand in it may sting and it usually does but life well it never really was why re-create what will only collapse? re-enacting actions from the last act
falen 05:46
“the more you ignore me the more I want to fuck you” the tears have been confused as rain
dkonstrukt 03:54
output 06:04
butterflies grounded because their wings have been cauterized told they were never able to fly filled with broken lies lies that did nothing but terrified left with serious thoughts paralyzed for fear of crippling boredom we try to break all ties and it’s not life but death time buys deadly hearts burnt to the ground and compromised caught in each others arms desperate lovers electrify all that’s been surmised sifting and sinking out of love the girl cries silent sentinel running through the fields breathless does nothing but sighs at the sight of power as it first falls then gets up and continues to rise imperfect crimes drift away and fall to the wayside because it’s unrealized that it wasn’t what you originally intended to plunder no it wasn’t the prize nor was it the red-baron heartless miser but it was the tell-all confider the dangerous but trust-worthy whiner the sexless sensual buyer the alienated homeland foreign crier filthy forgotten taste-tester who tried her grotesquely underestimated flyer posted on the wall went unread bu the liar whose original motives never truly changed for he believed he was our sire and he believed he would lock the doors and set the whole audience on fire because it was not his tastes we acquired but our own exposures we tired fought nail and tooth as he was dragged out into the humid mire we all gathered and watched and couldn’t help but admire for we learned that nothing could make you fly nothing can take you higher nothing can enlighten you more than the smell of ones own burning flesh in ones own funeral pyre


scor t a plai nvr ritn


released May 1, 2012





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