I want to take you
Make you
Break you

You want to be unglued
Slip right through
Not with you

Mouth sawed off
Eyes wide shut
Sleepless night
Dead end rut

You don’t want to know
How deep this hole goes
Darker than you’d hoped
Deeper than you’d go
Do you want to know
Just how deep it goes?
No, you do not know
Tighter then this rope
That hangs round my neck
Begging me to choke
But I never left
No, I never go

You want to make me
Take me
Break me

I want to find you
Mind you
Bind you

You want to fuck me
Hate me
Escape me


from progres​\​\​digres, released January 1, 2013
Written by Anthony Padavano & Robert Bonavoglia





composer of words // sounds // images

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